Goya"s birthplace

Fuendetodos, Spain

Structural typology: ART
Date: September, 2022
Owner: Consorcio Goya-Fuendetodos de la Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza y el Ayuntamiento de Fuendetodos
Scope: 3d modelling and walkthrough development

FHECOR has developed an innovative digital model that will allow a virtual visit to the birthplace of Francisco de Goya y Lucientes in the municipality of Fuendetodos, near the town of Zaragoza.

The house where Goya was born, built at the end of the 17th or beginning of the 18th century, was declared a National Historic Monument in 1982. It is visited by many of people from all around the world who want to know where this universal artist came into the world and lived part of his childhood.
FHECOR will use state-of-the-art computer applications so that the virtual visit to this unique monument is a first-class educational and cultural experience that projects Goya"s life and works internationally in the 21st century.

The Goya-Fuendetodos Consortium of the Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza and the Fuendetodos City Council has facilitated the work of FHECOR for this project.