Palma del Río bridge repair

Lora del Río, Seville, Spain

Date: October, 2021
Scope: rehabilitation project and technical support

The emergency repair works undertaken in Palma del Rio bridge started last May 2021 and have finished recently. The intervention has been fostered by the Junta de Andalucía regional administration office Consejería de Fomento, Infraestructuras y Ordenación del Territorio. with a €1.3 million budget.

The bridge was built in 1885 after a flood washed away a pre-existing wooden bridge, originally built in 1861 to connect Palma del Rio and its new railway station. Steel elements were fabricated in France by Société J.F Cail & Cie, assembled in situ, and subsequently launched into its final position. The bridge"s total length is 489 m, of which the steel bridge is 207 m long. Access viaducts comprise 33 masonry spans, 30 in the left bank and 3 in the right bank. Steel bridge platform and painting were renovated in the seventies.

During routine inspections, severe damages were observed in the abutments, linked to blocked rolling steel bearings and partial disintegration of its masonry ashlar pieces.

Rehabilitation works have comprised steel bearing rehabilitation or renovation, masonry abutment strengthening, masonry pointing, repainting, and drainage improvement.

FHECOR has designed the refurbishment interventions and has acted as a consultant to the Regional Road Administration office during the intervention.