Sport Center "La Cebada"

Madrid, Spain

Structural typology: STADIUMS
Date: June, 2021
Owner: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Scope: detailed design

The project consists of an L-shaped building or volume above ground, attached to the existing Mercado de la Cebada and opening a large plaza for public use. This building has two underground floors of different geometry, three floors above ground level and a terrace on the upper level. In total it has an indoor pool, sports court, gym, changing rooms, and neighborhood management areas, including the cafeteria.

Structurally, the project is made up of reinforced concrete slabs; in open space areas, such as the pool deck, post-tensioned beams are used and a post-tensioned lightened slab is used on the deck of the sports court. The characteristic structural façade through a double height lattice provides transparency while allowing natural light to enter the sports center and pool.

FHECOR developed the building structure project, making use of BIM technology to improve coordination with the rest of the teams involved in the complete project.

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