Designing bridges

Central de Diseño, Matadero, Madrid, Spain

Structural typology: ART
Date: September, 2020
Scope: organization and production

At FHECOR we understand the design of a bridge as something global and strongly implanted in the territory. We conceive our works not as abstract pieces, but as the result of the interaction of technique within the landscape, both physical and social. Because the bridges that we design become part of the cultural landscape and thus, we have to design them with the responsibility of the permanent mark that our work will leave on citizens quality of life from now up to future generations.

Our works have to be sustainable, in all its concept extension. For that, they need a design with a vocation for timelessness, not dependent on fashion, so that they are perceived as valid both now and at the end of their useful life. In this sense, we try in our projects that the design is thought to ensure the minimum materials degradation, chosen, in turn, along with the shapes and details, also taking into account the minimum maintenance compatible with said useful life.