New bridge over Piave River

Belluno, Italy

Structural typology: ROAD & HIGHWAY BRIDGES
Date: December, 2023
Owner: Comune di Belluno
Scope: tender design and detailed design
Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza

The design of the bridge responds to the strong existing conditions, among them:
- the existence of a provisional bridge that must be maintained during the construction of the new one,
- a historical context of great value and a natural environment of great beauty.

The concept starts from the idea of ​​integration and respect towards the values ​​of the city of Belluno. On the one hand, it was decided to choose a structural typology that does not contain elements above ground, thus avoiding any interference with the existing landscape, including the monumental one, and on the other hand, it was decided not to interfere in the river channel, opting for a solution with a single inclined support. A solution that establishes a respectful dialogue, since its modernity, with the nearby Ponte della Vittoria.

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