Residential Tower

Zaragoza, España

Structural typology: TALL BUILDINGS
Date: October, 2020
Owner: Grupo Plaza 14
Construction: Dragados
Scope: detailed design
Architect: Ingennus Urban Consulting

Fhecor Ingenieros consultores has been engaged by Dragados S.A. for the drafting of the construction project of “Zaragoza Tower”, a new residential complex with 285 housings, located near the high-speed train station, and promoted by Grupo Plaza 14. The architecture is developed by Ingennus Urban Consulting.

The building comprises 5 basement levels, a ground level and 30 stories above ground. The entire height above ground is 92 m, which will make it the second highest building in Zaragoza, only outranked by the Basilica towers. The structure will consist of concrete waffle slabs for the floors, and size-reduced high strength concrete columns and cores, in order to free up space for architectural purposes.

The basement excavation will be sloped up to the 4th level. Then, a retaining wall will be constructed to reach an impervious subtract, ensuring a completely safe excavation. Finally, the foundation slab will be executed.

Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores technical enhancements to be developed include the expansion joints suppressing, which increases structure rigidity, reducing wind deformations; the size reduction of columns and cores using high-strength concrete; and some developments for construction needs, such as the execution of cores by climbing formwork.

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