Golf Paraguayan Asociation

Luque, Paraguay

Structural typology: ART
Date: September, 2014
Owner: APG
Architect: Javier Corvalán, Arnaldo Acosta

The roof of the APG Paraguay building is designed to be used as a golf driving. Due to this, the cover is flat with a 2.5m-high terrace.

Due to the architecture of the building, where the arrangement of pillars has been minimized, the main structure of the roof must be formed by a pair of twin beams, each supported on two pillars, on which the floor is made of a slab and transversal beams.

The separation between axes of beams is of 6.60 and its total length of 77.70m, being the external dimensions of this cover are 77.70 x 7.26m. The distribution of spans is the following 22.60 (cantilever) + 47.70 (central span between pillars) + 7.40 (cantilever). The support of the beams on pillars is produced by means of neoprene supports.

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