Arabic Southamerican Library

Zeralda, Argel, Argelia

Structural typology: SPECIAL BUILDINGS
Date: April, 2013
Owner: Agencia Nacional de Gestión de Realización de Grandes Proyectos
Scope: detailed design
Architect: Oscar Niemeyer

At the first summit of South American and Arab Heads of State held in 2005 in Brasilia, the idea of ​​creating a space that serves as a framework for cultural exchanges between both regions appears. A year later, it is already announced that the architect Oscar Niemeyer will be responsible for creating this ambitious project in Algeria.

There are many ties that bind Niemeyer to this country, where he was welcomed when he had to leave Brazil over 35 years ago due to the political situation, and where he had already designed and even built some of his projects, such as the University of Constantine. and the Civic Center of Algiers.

This cultural center that will accommodate multiple artistic events aims to be erected as a symbol of the country"s openness to the rest of the world and its effort to become a great cultural nation, while being a tribute to the deceased architect.

The complex for the new Biblióteca Arabo-Suramericana, which will occupy some 40,000m2 in the municipality of Zéralda, will consist of a total of five buildings. The central and largest building is the library itself, which is connected on the first floor to the restaurant and the theater by means of a marquee. A Residence and an Administrative Building for the ARPC, together with the underground parking that occupies the entire surface, complete the set

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