Iron bridge rehabilitaction over the Ebro River

Logroño, La Rioja, España

Date: December, 2009
Owner: Comunidad Autónoma de la Rioja
Scope: detailed design

The bridge is situated over the River Ebro prolonging the Calle Sagasta. It is a straight 11 span metal bridge totaling 330m in length. Both abutments are made of sandstone masonry.

The head of the columns have a capital composed of masonry sandstone which are stapled together and in some cases with two steel collar braces. In the intermediate area, they are composed of steel plates, of indeterminate thickness, which are riveted together resulting in a 2.10m diameter circular pillar, whose
interior is filled with a stone and lime mortar construction, which was typical of this period. These increase in size until reaching 3.0m in the pile-column foundation and embedding in a rock bank.

The main interventions are as follows: repair to the column-piles due to loss of material, elimination of upper pavement levels and subsequent substitution for a vibrated concrete pavement, cleaning of the masonry and steel work and the subsequent application of a protective coating material.

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