Restoration Edificio España

Plaza de España nº19, Madrid, España

Date: November, 2011
Owner: Santander Banif Inmobiliario FII
Scope: scheme design
Architect: Enrique Alvarez Sala, Carlos Rubio Carvajal y Antonio Ruiz-Barbarin

This emblematic building situated in the Plaza de España in Madrid, dates back to the middle of the 20th Century. It is constructed with reinforced concrete perimeter walls and columns which employed smooth rebar. The horizontal structure is composed of one-way slabs resting on reinforced beams with the same rebar type. The foundation unit is composed of surface rectangular-shaped footings which taper and stagger upwards.

This is a structural and functional rehabilitation project, which consists of repairing the damaged elements so as to enhance their durability and of opening and closing openings to change the distribution and use of the building. Below grade, the structure shall be reinforced so as to allow a new car parking level, for which it will be necessary to eliminate a few perimeter columns to enable the construction of the new access ramps to the lower levels.

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