Within the Framework Agreement with the Madrid City Council for the SUPPORT WORK FOR THE DRAWING UP OF PROJECTS FOR THE GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF ARCHITECTURE AND HERITAGE CONSERVATION, corresponding to LOT 1, awarded last January to FHECOR, the contract is evolving favourably with the different awards received, in which we highlight the recent completion of the DRAFTING OF THE PROJECT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A CHILDREN'S SCHOOL IN PASEO DE LA DIRECCIÓN, 305-311 IN THE DISTRICT OF TETUÁN.

The planned building is located on a plot with a surface area of 1,509 m². It is a ground and ground floor building consisting of 6 units of children's classrooms, a multi-purpose room and a library. Both the classrooms and the common areas are equipped with large glass surfaces to provide natural light. All the classrooms have an outdoor court, semi-covered by an outdoor porch that provides shade for the play area.

It has an investment of approximately 2.7 million euros and a completion period of 12 months, with work scheduled to begin in early 2023.
This school is part of the Madrid Capital 21 Facilities Plan (period 2019-2027) in which FHECOR participates in numerous projects.