Last week was completed the construction of the key segment of the Wawa River Bridge, which MECO is building close to the town of Bilwi - Puerto Cabezas (Nicaragua). The construction of the new bridge will significantly improve the mobility of the inhabitants of the area, which currently have to cross the river with boats.

The bridge has a main span of 140m and side spans of 57.5m and has been built with balanced cantilever construction. The deck has a total width of 12.4m, with the depth ranging from 7m at the section over piers and 2.8m at the center of the main span. The piers have a rectangular cross section, with 7.2m in the transverse direction and 3m in the longitudinal. Their height is 5m and the connection with the deck is monolithic.

FHECOR was responsible for the detailed design of the bridge and the technical support during construction, including the geometry control during the balanced cantilever construction. FHECOR was also responsible for the interpretation of the geotechnical information, the scour analysis and the design of the roadway profile in the bridge area. We kindly thanks MECO for trusting us for the design of this great bridge.

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